Friday, April 22, 2011

Level 2A: Exercise 1 - Brushes

Note: This notation only describes the rhythm. The accents fall on the beat except for the first measure (or bar) where the accents fall on counts 1 and 3.

Tempo: Anywhere between 70 and 90 BPM. Find a tempo that works for you. I'll always experiment at different tempos to find one where I can be very deliberate with my steps yet still feel the rhythm.

Sounds like:
Download mp3: Level 2A Ex1 (mp3)

Rhythm: Play the audio and count! 1-a2-a3-a4-a5-n-6-n-7-n-8na1na2na3na4na5---na7na8.

Steps (use the audio and rhythm to figure out when to place the steps):
Swing: Stomp, Brush Step, Heel Stomp, Brush Step, Heel
8th Note Regular Beats:  Stomp Brush Step Brush Step Brush Step Brush Heel
Drawbacks: Step, Brush Heel Step, Brush Heel Step Brush Heel Step Brush Heel Step
Skip a beat (n a 6)
Triplet: Brush Heel Step, Brush Step Stamp.

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