Rhythm Tapestry

Rhythm Tapestry was set up as an aid to class exercises and, I stress, not as a substitute for class! For those of us who have a little trouble remembering the vocabulary, the timings of rhythms and the steps to choreography, here you go and I hope you'll benefit from it as much as I know I will. Oh and don't forget... Go to class!

As a secondary objective, I'm going to try and figure out ways to explain basic rhythm concepts as I understand them (See "A-rhythm-atic"). I'm not a teacher but what I know, I'm only too happy to share. But truly, there's no substitute for proper instruction. As Rhythm Tapestry and myself are both works in progress, expect updates and corrections but I'll try to keep the posts as accurate as possible. Your help with this would not go unappreciated!

Most of us are working adults and have limited time in our daily lives to focus on tap. I know how difficult it is to find time to practice and sometimes, even getting to class can be a challenge. So in the interest of being earnest, this is for you (and for me).

Read, listen, try it, tap.

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