The Attributes of a Rhythm Tapper

These, IMHO, are the attributes we as students of tap must acquire. If we have them, improve them. If we don't, go get them! They're ranked in order of importance with the first three being absolutely compulsory if the goal is to keep up with class teachings.
  1. A sense of rhythm is most important. The stronger this is, the easier everything else becomes.
  2. Know your left from your right. Know your toe from your heel.
  3. Know your vocabulary. Dig, Ball-Change, Press Cramp-Roll, Shuffle et cetera et cetera.
  4. Balance (stand on one foot for at least two seconds... try standing just on the ball of one foot).
  5. Flexibility of movement. Practice at maximum extension. Lift those knees all the way up to your chest!
That's my top 5 list. If you think that I've missed something out, I'll assume you've mastered points 1, 2 and 3! :P

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